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Company’s History

Paweł Jabłoński, CEO & co-founder
Let me tell you a story.
In 2016, at my request and for the needs of Ingram Micro Czech Republic, Tomek created the Internet service MEETING15, a service in the Software as a Service model. In 2019, after one of the meetings, we decided to start a company and offer the service to the whole world :).
Statement from 2019. What about 2020?
2020 is a year of live streaming with elements of interaction, building attention, but also voting at virtual general meetings. This is the year of new markets (DE, ES, IT, UK, FR, BG, JP), to which we are entering with great success as a supplier of unique value.
We have greatly developed the capabilities of our platform, which allowed our partners and their clients to implement attractive hybrid and fully virtual events. Events with their own VOD library, live broadcasts, Q&A sessions, games, polls, voting, networking, fairs and exhibitions, and much more.
In 2020, with our technology, we supported, among others, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the Share The Care Foundation, the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Ingram Micro, Relpol SA, dozens of medical conferences very much needed today.
We are on the right track to become a standard at any entertainment, corporate, industry or institutional event.
And guess what?
This is just the beginning!
2001, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Paweł and Tomek at the Warsaw University of Technology
  • Faculty of Mechatronics, Computer Engineering
  • After studies, joint projects for: Techmex S.A., RRC Poland Sp. z o.o., RRC-CZ s.r.o.

2016, SaaS project
  • The SaaS internet service MEETING15 is created
  • First customer for the service: one of the largest IT distributors in the world, Ingram Micro

2019, Joint-stock company
  • New clients from the IT, Media, TiLog, HoReCa, Sport and Health Care sectors
  • Equity Crowdfunding = promotion + additional capital (human and financial) + affiliate program

2020, Commitment fulfilled
  • MEETING15 event platform = well recognized brand and 33K users
  • Live streaming, next level gaming, virtual general meetings and voting
  • DE, ES, IT, UK, FR, BG, JP - our new markets
  • During the year, 700% stock price increase

Strategy and sales model

Provider of services based on innovative internet and mobile technologies.
Producer of software offered in the SaaS model, digitization of business processes and dedicated software solutions.
Brand Ambassadors
Social Media
eCommerce Direct Selling
Cooperation with Event Agencies
Solution Providers
HoReCa Indirect sale
Special software solutions
Equity Crowdfunding, Shareholders Meetings, Web Games Combined sale
Organizers of conferences, events, workshops, training sessions, lectures, fairs, exhibitions, meetings with authors, sporting events, cultural events, medical congresses, etc. private and public companies, foundations, chambers, associations, institutions - all with e-voting needs.

Market and competition

According to the latest report of the Polish Tourist Organization, (report available here: RAPORT_2020_PL_14.09.pdf ) in 2019, 42 349 events took place in Poland alone (page 5 of the report). This document was based on reported events, while thousands of events took place in a formula or place that was not registered by tourism organizations and therefore not included in the report.
The MEETING15 platform enables the organization of the largest congresses lasting several days, as well as small trainings, workshops, incentive meetings, partner and promotional conferences introducing a given product or service to the market. Additionally, MEETING15 enables the organization of General Meetings for companies (there are over 10,000 joint-stock companies in Poland alone), associations, public benefit organizations, cooperatives, communities, sports associations and others. Additionally, MEETING15 enables the implementation of safe on-line exams along with issuing certificates, conducting rankings, assessments, etc.
In Poland alone, the market we address is over 200,000 meetings per year.
Of course, the event market has changed dramatically due to the global pandemic. As it turned out, however, MEETING15 was one of the first on the market (probably the first in Poland) to organize a hybrid conference (i.e. some participants were physically at the conference, and some participated via the MEETING15 platform - 10 March 2020).
In 2016, with the start of the MEETING15 platform, we made a very important technology decision. Contrary to the prevailing trends in creating native applications, we focused on web solutions, i.e. access via a web browser and PWA technology (Progressive Web Apps), which increases the possibilities of web applications bringing them closer to native solutions.
This decision turned out to be crucial when the pandemic came - because our solution allows you without any downloading or installations to use the most advanced elements of conferences (Q&A sessions, polls, gamification, exams, certificates, game shows, Live streaming, VOD, networking and many others) by each participant, anywhere in the world, even on a free Internet connection, on any device (PC, notebook, netbook, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, server, game console, terminal and others) with any operating system (Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux).
This is a real revolution that changed everything in the world of events.
Since that day, our platform has become the most sought-after solution on the market, because it enabled the implementation of safe events such as: conferences, training, lectures, meetings with medical professors who, for example, taught nurses how to protect themselves while working with patients with Covid-19 ( over 950 people registered at MEETIGN15 for such a meeting on April 4).
Our plans for 2020 assumed the implementation of 200 events during the year.
The reality turned out to be enormously better for us. In quarter 2 - over 100 events. From March to the end of September, more than 200. The number of registered users is now 33,000. In September alone, we issued 160 invoices!
Our competitors are now and are joined by more companies that create software dedicated to such business niches as the one we address. However, our solution is not only the best technology for our times, not only the best design and UX (user experience - the user's feeling when using the tool), but also flexibility, dynamics and versatility.
MEETING15 is also a unique business model = we share success, we share it, we join forces with other players on the market. We already have many signed partnership agreements, over 40 trained traders in Poland alone.
The main motto that guides us is:
It is difficult to predict the future, so we CREATE THE FUTURE!
In our opinion, the present moment in the history of mankind and technology is similar to the one that was more than 20 years ago for mobile telephony. At the time, many people doubted, "Will it catch on?" Everyone can see how enormous this business is today. MEETING15 addresses the emerging market at its early stage of development - we create it ourselves. This market will grow in 7 years - 40 times!
By investing today in MEETING15 - you ensure yourself the possibility of such profits, or maybe more, because you can also positively influence our development by being an ambassador of our brand, because you participate in training, workshops, conferences, sports or cultural events and a number of events every month. See what opportunities it gives you and all of us - what is this enormous power - sharing.
Now you know our secret and why we have such huge successes so quickly, because we share them, because no one alone will win the world, but together we can achieve everything - JOIN US, TODAY.

Sales plan

  • 2020: 0,4 mln PLN (400 events)

    PL, Virtual events, avg. 1000/event

  • 2021: 6 mln PLN (3000 events, IPO)

    EMEA, JP, CA, ViVot+Stream+VOD

  • 2022: 40 mln PLN (20000 events)


  • 2023: 200 mln PLN (AMAZ+)
  • 2024: 500 mln PLN (AMAZ+)

Investment goals

1. Expansion of the MEETING15 platform — 30%

Our platform, based on which we provide services in the Saas model (software as a service), currently addresses the needs of conference, workshop, trade fair, training and even some sports events. However, as the already completed projects show, the organizers would like to use our homogeneous environment for the entire event handling process, starting from the dedicated event website, through complete service of the registration process, and ending with handling the event already during and after it. Extending the platform will expand the customer base we can address, as well as increase the value of sales to existing customers of the company, by taking over those areas that we have not implemented so far.

2. Promotion on the Polish market and selected EMEA / JP / CA countries — 30%

The MEETING15 platform has been used since 2017 at events implemented in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Participants in these events came not only from Europe, but also North America, South America, Asia and Africa. We are technologically ready to address all these continents and countries. However, this requires gradual, thoughtful steps. We want to start promoting our services to selected countries. If it is possible, we will join programs supported by PFR, PAIH, PARP, we are already after the first talks in this area - however, most of the really valuable steps giving real results require the dedication of our own capital. And we want to allocate part of the proceeds from the issue for this.

3. Construction and promotion of the partner program — 20%

In accordance with our sales strategy, we want to reach end customers directly as well as indirectly, through commercial partners, for whom we will not be competitors, but complement their services and our solutions will enable them to reach a wider group of customers and offer innovative services making these events attractive.

4. Expansion of the sales department — 20%

The increasing number of customers and events requires a gradual expansion of the sales department, which will be able to take over, movement coming from new and existing customers.

Help us grow faster, invest in MEETING15

Choose your share package

Package 140
140,00 PLN (one hundred and forty zlotys)
Package 560
560,00 PLN (five hundred and sixty zlotys)
Package 980
980,00 PLN (Nine hundred and eighty zlotys)
Package 1820
1 820,00 PLN (one thousand eight hundred and twenty zlotys)
Package 4900
4 900,00 PLN (four thousand nine hundred zlotys)
Package 9800
9 800,00 PLN (nine thousand eight hundred zlotys)
Package 24500
1 750 shares
24 500,00 PLN (twenty four thousand five hundred zlotys)
Package 49000
3 500 shares
49 000,00 PLN (forty nine thousand zlotys)
Package 98000
7 000 shares
98 000,00 PLN (ninety eight thousand zlotys)
Package 210000
15 000 shares
210 000,00 PLN (two hundred and ten thousand zlotys)
Package 350000
25 000 shares
350 000,00 PLN (three hundred and fifty thousand zlotys)
Package 700000
50 000 shares
700 000,00 PLN (seven hundred thousands zlotys)


We chose open issue in the equity crowdfunding formula for 3 reasons:

  1. we want to acquire a larger and more interested group of investors (than if it were a sector investor, VC or similar funds and programs),
  2. we are a young company, even if the platform itself has been on the market for several years, we established the company in 2019, so investors must trust us and not the accounting entries in the company's annual report,
  3. at such an early stage of the company's development, we do not need huge funds yet, this issue is aimed at sharing the company for our friends and family and small investors, not obtaining large target funds - for which we will reach in the future - but then the issue price of the shares will be completely different from the current one.

We already did the share issue a year ago on our own solution so we have no reason to incur additional costs resulting from using other platforms. In addition, we noticed that our issue attracts investors who want to specifically buy our shares, because they know that on this technology they will definitely earn a lot, while on other platforms investors often buy random companies. We want to share our success with you, a conscious investor.

The issue price reflects the value of the company that has all the rights to created works, knowledge and trademarks registered in the European Union. The company is the owner of the platform, which has already been used by thousands of users, has its recognition and value on the market.

As a shareholder, you acquire mainly rights. There is one obligation: informative, if you sold shares or purchased shares, then the company requires information about that via email to any member of the board. The company maintains a share register and must keep it current, hence the condition for shareholders.

At the moment we do not have specific plans for NewConnect or WSE or any other stock exchange. We are planning the next steps to raise capital for development. If it turned out that entering a regulated market in a given situation would be most beneficial for the Company - this is what we will do.

Yes. We would like the company to pay dividends as soon as possible. We want to develop a healthy balance between investing in the development of the company and the degree of satisfaction with the dividend level of our investors and ourselves.

Yes, by ordinary agreement with the buyer, however you must inform the company about this fact in order to enter relevant entries into the share register.

Of course, in accordance with the regulations, our reports are published in the National Court Register and are available to anyone interested.

If you have additional questions, write to us at the email address
We are at your disposal, please contact us.

Investment risk warnings

Before making an investment decision, a potential investor should thoroughly analyze investment risk factors, including those listed and described below. Each of the risks described below may have a negative impact on the Company's financial results, dynamics of the Company's development, and therefore may affect the results of this investment from the Investor's point of view.

The Company is taking remedial steps to limit the possible impact of these factors, however, each Investor must become aware of the risks before making decisions and investing their funds.

Risk related to the international situation

The activity of the Issuer depends on the international situation due to the scope and scope of the Issuer's services. The possible occurrence of an unfavorable international situation should be taken into account, which will negatively affect the event market, and thus also the development possibilities of the Company.

Risk related to increased competition

The Issuer operates on the market of technological solutions, which in recent years resulted in a very dynamic growth of many companies. Investing in technologies IT and services based on these technologies is very attractive what it can cause the emergence and development of many competitors who can influence negatively to the dynamics of development and the very development of the Company.

Risk of legal changes and changes in the tax system

A significant threat may be changes in the law or its various interpretations. Lack of uniform interpretation of legal regulations and frequent amendments entail serious risk in conducting business activity. The company uses service providers with experience in law and taxes, but the risk of changes exists and should be taken into account when making investment decisions.

Risk related to increased costs

The Company's predictions and plans are based on current cost values. There is a risk of an increase in employee costs or access services to the infrastructure necessary for the functioning of the Company.

Risk related to dilution of shares

If the Company in the future raises capital for development based on the issue of new shares, it will dilute the shareholding and, as a consequence, will cause that the percentage of the company held by each shareholder will change. A scenario is possible in which the company's founders will lose their current control over the Company, which may lead to changes in the Company's further strategy and development goals.

Risk related to dividend payment

The payment of dividends depends on many factors. The company is at an early stage of its development, which is why it should invest in creating innovative services that will increase the company's value as well as bring relevant income and expand the group of clients. Investments in the latest solutions are costly and risky in nature, which may affect the amount of dividend paid.

Risk of losing part or all of the capital

Every Investor must be aware of this and must accept that companies that raise capital for development through open issue directed to an undefined group of investors are very often at an early stage of their development. Such an investment may turn out to be very profitable, precisely because of the early moment of 'entering' the Company, but on the other hand, such an investment may turn out to be unprofitable, and even it may turn out to be a waste of all invested funds. Therefore, every investor should calculate the risk of losing even all of the funds invested.

Risk of hindering profit taking as a result of limited liquidity of financial credit instruments

Shares acquired by the Investor may be sold by the Investor to any buyers, from maintaining the information obligation towards the Company, however, due to the lack of possibility to trade shares on the regulated market, one should take into account the severe limitation of finding a buyer and selling shares, so there is a risk of limited liquidity. As at the issue date, the Issuer is not aware of any plans in relation to the creation of a market dedicated to trading in such assets, but this is a new area and method of raising capital by companies, so one cannot exclude the creation of such a market.

Risk related to the Issuer's inability to complete the offer

The implementation of the open issue process requires a number of steps by the Issuer. Including, inter alia, the allocation of shares, registration of the issue with the relevant registry court. There is a risk of a situation in which the Issuer will not be able to complete all steps, as a result of which the offer will be canceled. In such a situation, all funds paid by Investors for the purchase of the offered shares will be returned without any interest or compensation.

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